Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My favorite TV shows with #TATASkyTransfer

Hello, my dear blog readers.

In this post I explained my experience which I usually enjoy every Saturday and Sunday night.

I, like many television shows, but only two shows are my all time favourite.

One of my favorite television show is that one which would be liked by everyone, as it is a talent based show.

The television show which I like the most is named as "You Have Been Warned" broadcasted by the "Discovery Tamil" and it is copyrighted to "Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific"

This show is a fast-paced countdown of the world’s top 20 YouTube videos featuring homemade science stunts and experiments. Each episode focuses on a particular science theme and features the cleverest, funniest, most daring, or just downright bizarre clips, along with an explanation and breakdown from some of the world’s best science experts. With the help of amazing storytelling graphics, the expert panel will explain the what, how and why of the science that made these clips possible.

My second favorite television show is that "Athu Ithu Ethu" it is a Comedy  and Game based show. broadcasted by the "STAR Vijay" and it is copyrighted to "STAR India Network"

The meaning of "Athu Ithu Ethu" is "That, This, Which?"

It is an Tamil television comedy game show aired on STAR Vijay on Saturday evening. Film personalities and celebrities take part in the show. The show always hosts 3 guests. From its inception in 2010 until 2012, the show was hosted by television host Sivakarthikeyan, followed by Ma Ka Pa Anand, a former jockey at Radio Mirchi. The show is mostly a medium to promote movies.

Each contestant starts with 1000 points and whomever finishes with the most more points wins the game.

Each game consists of three rounds. 
  1. Groupula Doopu (Fake in a group)
  2. Siricha Pochi (If you laugh then you will lose)
  3. Maathi Yosi (Think differently)
All the three category is really an fantastic rounds. I like "Siricha Pochi" very much than other rounds. "Siricha Pochi" is a backbone for "Athu Ithu Ethu"
Robo Shankar, Vadivel Balaji, 'Singapore' Deepan, Amuthavanan, Vignesh Karthik, and Diwakar are my favourite performers in Siricha Pochi. They are pillars for this program. 

Program Name
Discovery  Tamil
You Have Been Warned
7 PM
STAR Vijay
Athu Ithu Ethu
7 PM

I hope if you watch these two programs you may also addict to these programs. 
Maximum I don't like to miss this two programs. I like to watch these program again and again. So, I use HD recording feature from Tata Sky+ Transfer and record my favourite programs. Then I will transfer that recorded content to my tablet then I'll  enjoy at anywhere. I can also rewind, forward and pause the live video (i.e, We can do anything using Tata Sky+ Transfer)
Holding a Remote is an big issue for us. All of them will face this problem in their home. For them Tata Sky introduce "Tata Sky+ Transfer". By using this we can watch our favourite programs in an Multiple device. By installing Tata Sky Application in our Smartphone and connect with "Tata Sky+ Transfer" then we can use mobile as a Television. 

In my view Tata Sky+ Transfer is best in technology, features, model, price and ect., (i.e, Tata Sky+ Transfer is one and only best.)

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Finally, I shared my thought in watching the desired TV show.
Feel free to share your opinion under the comment section.

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